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We aim to bridge the gap between the classroom and real world of skill and talent.

Our Belief

We believe in sowing the seeds of quality education besides euipping the youth with exemplary technological skills to boost the arena of IT industry & promote individualistic growth.

Our Vision

We intend to provide our students with the best training from beginning to end with hands-on experience in the most sought after technologies under the expert guidance of industry experts.

Our Mission

We endeavour to provide high quality training and education to students and professionals alike and aim to reduce the gap between the education and the corporate industry.

Our Faculty

Anand Mann

Principal Consultant

Anand Mann

He has worked in the field of retail, marketing, manufacturing, fashion and international business for more than a decade. He has worked in four countries and with clients from more than 25 countries. He provides unique cultural and business insight into the field of retail strategy and predictive analytics.

At present he is Principal Consultant – Strategy and Retail Analytics for Trequista Consulting and responsible for managing team that provide big data & analytics solutions to some of the leading retailers in Latin America. He also takes Predictive Business Analytics classes in collaboration with Bridge School and Northwestern University. He has designed KAISER methodology to align analytics with organization’s strategy.

He holds two Masters Degrees – Bilingual MBA from IAE, Universidad Austral, speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and is a member of Chamber of Commerce Argentina and Asia Pacific in Argentina. He also holds advisory position in e-scoring Argentina, organization aimed at providing financial resources to the unbanked segments of the economy in Latin America.

Objective of the Program

The objective of the program is to provide hands on experience to participants based on real world case studies and conceptual learning. The program provides an exhausting toolset for managers and students to solve real world business challenges using predictive analytics.

We will look into how algorithms are determining our choices and slowly and gradually making important decisions of our life. With real world case studies we will put you in shoes of real decision makers and then let you develop solutions using latest technology and tools. Along with the case studies we will also use discussion forums, collaborative coding sessions to develop industry specific solutions and provide a holistic learning environment.


Analytics Trainer


PGDIM (NITIE, Mumbai), B.TECH (Mechanical)( GBPUA&T Pantnagar Nanital).

Over 14 years of industry experience with companies of wide and varied domain of operations. Have been consultant / trainer to many 'For Profit' and 'Not For Profit' organisations.

Have conducted Industrial training and consulting in operations management and business analytics. Have designed and delivered various courses in an MBA institute on Business Analytics, R software, SPSS, basic and Advanced Statistics, Operations Research based Modeling.

Have Guided PHD students in understanding and conducting statistical analysis for their research.

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