Course Objective

After this course, you will understand how Google AdWords works and able to implement Pay per click campaign. You should also be able to articulate your requirements regarding your AdWords account with your advertising/marketing agency.

Learning Outcomes

After the successful completion of the program, you would be able to:

  1. Plan, create and implement a Google AdWords account.

  2. Understand the difference between organic and paid advertising.

  3. Target the correct audience for your web site via paid search advertising.

Course Description

PPC - Pay per click marketing are in demand and our PPC course will ensure your campaigns are meant for success from the very first impression.
The course will make you expert step by step of the process of creating a Google AdWords account from scratch. Our expertise will take your knowledge of PPC to the next level and you will learn how to improve your campaign and increase your ROI.

  1. What is SEM?
  2. How Search Engine Marketing works?
  3. Paid Networks Covered
  1. Types of Keyword Insertion
  2. Paid Campaigns on Page Optimization
  3. Paid Campaigns, Major Terms
  4. MCC Account – My Client Centre
  1. Type of Campaigns
  2. Ad group Designing
  3. Ad Making
  4. Adding Keywords
  5. Negative Keywords
  6. Sitelinks
  7. Conversions
  1. Fraud Click Analysis
  2. Enhanced Campaigning
  3. Google Analytics Linking
  4. Account Sharing & Permissions
  5. Billing
  6. How to become Google Partner


Level Beginner / Intermediate
Methodology Online / Offline
Duration 20 Hours / 5 Weeks
Pre-requisites None
Batch size 10-15 students
Classes On Weekdays / Weekends
Certificate yes

Knowledge Base


Case Study