What-If Analytics Using Excel

Course Objective

To enable users of excel analyse various scenarios based simulation and do comparison of outcomes between different scenarios.

Learning Outcomes

The learner shall be able to compare different business solutions and decide on the best fit or the most optimized solution for a business problem.

Course Description

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Solver, Scenarios and Goal Seek tools are discussed in detail during this course. Solving optimization problems such as transportation, workforce planning, product mix etc are solved using Solver

Goal Seek
  • What is Goal Seeking & How to use Goal Seek
  • Use Goal Seek to Solve Simple Math Problems
  • Use Goal Seek to Forecast Interest Rates
  • Use Goal Seek to Determine Optimal Ticket Prices
Data Tables
  • What Are Data Tables & When Would I Use Data Tables
  • Use Data Tables to Forecast Savings Account Details
  • Use Data Tables to Determine Royalty Payments
  • What are Scenarios & When Would I Use Scenarios
  • Use Scenarios to Forecast Development Costs
  • Use Scenarios to Forecast Sales
  • Use Scenarios to Forecast Rental Volumes
  • When and How to use Solver
  • Problem Solving using Solver (Quick Tour, Product Mix, Staff Scheduling, Shipping Routes, Maximizing Income, Portfolio of Securities)

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Course Extract

  Level Beginner
    Methodology Online / Offline / Self Learning
    Duration 5 hrs
    Price ₹ 4999 – Offline
₹ 3499 - Online
₹ 1999 - Self Learning
  Pre-requisites None
  Batch size 10-15 students
  Classes On weekend / Sunday
  Certificate Yes
  Placement Assistance Yes

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