Excel automation using vba macros

Course Objective

To enable learners code multi functional programs which can help facilitate automation using excel tools and functions.

Learning Outcomes

The learner shall be able to code macros to automate repeatitive and complex set of operations in excel using MS Excel Object Model.

Course Description

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We will discuss topics such as looping & decisions, Userforms and accessing chart/pivot table object models in detail so that the student are able to apply VBA progamming techniques in real-time business environment to develop useful tools in MS Excel

VBA Basics
  • Visual Basic Editor
  • Enabling Developer Tab
  • Variables, Arrays, Datatypes and Constants
  • Modules, Functions and Sub-routines
Programming Basics
  • Decisions
  • Looping
Strings and Functions and Message boxes
  • Conversion functions, date and time functions, format function
  • Send Keys Command
  • Message Box
  • Types of errors
  • Run time, design and break mode
  • Break points
  • Stop statements
  • Running selected parts of your code
  • Debug Window
  • Using message boxes in debugging
  • Resume Statement
  • Generating your own errors
Forms & Controls
  • Viewing your Form
  • Displaying your Form in code
  • Default toolbox controls
  • Common dialog controls
  • Command bars and buttons
Object Models
  • Excel Object Model
  • Properties and methods
  • Object Browser
  • Hierarchy
  • Excel Object Model - Workbook, Worksheet, Range and Windows Object
  • Charts & Graphics
  • Using VBA with Pivot Tables

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Course Extract

  Level Intermediate
    Methodology Online / Offline / Self Learning
    Duration 18 hrs
    Price ₹ 12999 – Offline
₹ 8999 - Online
₹ 51999 - Self Learning
  Pre-requisites None
  Batch size 10-15 students
  Classes On Weekend / Sunday
  Certificate Yes
  Placement Assistance Yes

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